20 Questions With Holistic Chef, Jess Krux

Can you describe what you do and who you are in 3 words for those who don’t know you?

Nurture, Create, Love

What is your food philosophy?

I believe food has the power to transform the body and mind. I believe food doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. I believe food can be the medicine and the gateway to systemic health.

Tell us more about how Organic Earth Kitchen was born. What’s the story?

Vermont, 2015 I opened the smallest juice bar on the planet, called Drink the Sun. It led me to Nutrition and Culinary School in Phoenix, AZ. I wanted to embody those three words. I named my practice Organic Earth Kitchen because it really resonated then and now. I believe in choosing and growing Organic, conscious food, however possible. I trust that Mother Earth holds all the magic and medicine and the Kitchen is where the two meld together. 

Did you always know you wanted to be a holistic chef? 

No 🙂 I wasn’t always health conscious. If I’m being honest, I was quite the opposite. I worked in the restaurant industry for many years before I traveled abroad visiting farms and learning about sustainability and permaculture. That experience is what opened the portal to my health journey. I’ve always loved cooking and experimenting with food. It wasn’t until later (2012) that I realized I had the power to change my skin and more importantly my gut by what I chose to consume. That led me back to school to study Nutrition and Culinary Arts, where I found my real passion for cooking, creating and the power of food.  

Do you think connecting to the sourcing of our food and our plate is necessary? Why?

I think there’s a romantic relationship between food and it’s source. I think knowing where our food comes from, who grew it, the health of the soil, and how it arrives on our plate is all so intimately connected. We started a farm 7 years ago, about two hours north of NYC, with the intent to grow 50-60% of our own food. It feels extremely rewarding knowing it’s possible. Eating produce you’ve grown hits differently than getting something from hundreds of miles away. Raising our kids this way is a really surreal and beautiful experience.

What does the word health mean to you?

To me, health means to vibrate at a frequency in which you (personally) feel alive, inspired, rested and available for growth and expansion. Without health we are constricted, coiled and somewhat shut off to the above. 

Describe a day in your life. 

The Perfect Day? The mother-hood dance until 9am. Warm caffeinated beverages and stillness on my yoga mat as the sun peaks in. Writing and editing new cooking courses, testing recipes and/or writing menus for retreats. I like to journal, task and get shit done, I also like fresh air and inspiring podcasts. I try to etch out 45-60 quiet minutes before 5pm to prep dinner, getting my hands dirty and creating makes me feel alive, it’s mandatory for my mental health. After the kids go to bed I crave good conversation with my husband and a juicy glass of jammy red wine. But, let’s be honest, not everyday is like that :). 

Favorite quick B-L-D recipe? For those who aren’t chefs but are looking to whip up something healthy and delicious on a whim?

B – Medley of fresh fruit, rough chopped, sprinkled in hemp and chia seeds, drizzled with tahini and rose gold wildflower honey, dusted with cinnamon and a splash of nut milk.

L – Blistered cherry tomatoes and red onion, roasted on 425 for a quick 20 minutes, tossed with al dente pasta of choice and fresh herbs like basil and dill, a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of smoked sea salt. 

D- One pot roasted curry – fill a cast iron or le creuset with a can of chickpeas, sliced carrots, a hot pepper, cauliflower florets and rough chopped tomatoes, add a can of coconut milk and some broth or water, 2 T of curry powder, fresh minced ginger (if you have it), should be slightly submerged but not fully. Cover and roast for 45 – 55 minutes. Serve over rice, garnish with fresh lime, chili flakes and fresh cilantro or parsley.  

Favorite restaurant in NYC? 

Frenchette, Momofuku, Scarpetta, Sundays in Brooklyn, Divya’s Kitchen

Favorite cookbooks?


Simple, Plenty and The Cookbook. 🙂

Can you share your favorite memory at the dinner table?

I have fond, simple memories of eating dinner when I was younger. Sienfled was always playing in the background as my dad plated some delicious yet seemingly effortless garlicky, roasted potato, carrot dish in umami broth with a side bowl of crunchy iceberg lettuce, sliced red onion and chickpeas doused in italian dressing and heavy cracked black pepper. 

Favorite place to visit for pleasure and food?

A farmers market in the summer months when the produce is abundant. 

Kyoto, Japan

Bangkok, Thailand at sunrise

1st and 2nd arrondissement, Paris 

Anywhere in Italy 

A quote to live by?

It’s all happening exactly how it’s supposed to. 

A song to cook to?

Peter Gregson, Iskra String Quartet; Chorale (Five)

4 pantry staples you can’t live without?

White basmati rice, rice wine vinegar, curry powder, darkhorse furikake

Savory or Sweet?


A favorite dish in the entire world?


Favorite movie?

Catch Me If You Can

Anything beautiful you are calling in for 2022?

If we can envision it, we can become it. We must see it to believe it. 

Something we should know?

The practice only works if you do it 🙂 

Mocha Loco Magnesium Mylkshake 

½ Cup Raw Cashews Soaked / Rinsed

1 T Wildflower Honey  

1 Frozen Banana

2 T Raw Cacao 

1 Date 

Dash of Cinnamon 

Pinch of Smoked Sea Salt

½ Cup of Ice 

Shot of Coffee (optional)

H20 to your liking 

Blend well, sip slowly, enjoy. 

Connect with Jess and join her interactive cooking classes via & on IG @j.krux