Lindsay, Peggie, River & Greg. | 2021


In our quest to be as sustainable as possible we use only glass jars. They cost more and are heavier to ship but we believe it is well worth the small price in the long run. We also encourage you to reuse the jars in the kitchen, we fill ours with leftovers, sauces we make at home, spices and even to collect and organize small objects in the office. We ship in recycled cardboard boxes and use paper to fill the empty space in the boxes. Sometimes we up-cycle other shipping materials that are sent to us by our vendors, so if you see some plastic air bags or other archaic shipping supplies, we did not buy them and are just trying to use them as much as possible before they up in a landfill somewhere.



From the very beginning we have held using all organic products in the highest regard. As America begins to wake up to the fact that “true” health care does not come from a pill but rather from the humble foods that we consume. As we attempt to climb our way out of the ether of GMO’s pesticides and factory farms, we believe there is a desire to still enjoy all of the flavors we have loved so much throughout our lives. We aim to offer a modern pantry of familiar staples that leave behind the sugars and preservatives that have dominated the food culture for so long.


Greg was raised by his Japanese mother, alongside her were his Japanese grandparents and uncles. Everything Greg ate as a kid was spiked with soy sauce and at times, ketchup. This Japanese style of cooking that includes western condiments is called Yoshuku. During his teenage years through his early adult years, he spent his time skateboarding and going on tour playing music. In between those hours, he worked jobs at kitchen, most of them focused on plant-based cuisine. As he got older, he became more serious about his creative cooking abilities. He worked under world renowned chefs and soaked up all the techniques he could. 

Through his hard work and knowledge, he then opened  various restaurants in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. He created his own cuisine through the Yoshoku lens of childhood while combining modern and ancient traditions. Dehydrating, pickling, and fermenting  in order to create round and umami flavors that plant cuisine was void of. Greg is still at the restaurant in Santa Barbara called Mesa Verde to flip the menu while the seasons change, as well as cooking the dinner service here and there. 

Overall, Greg’s focus is on his brand Dark Horse Organic, which he “technically” founded in November of 2017. Although the brand is just shy of three years, he has been perfecting and working on those flavors for years prior to diving deep into his word of condiments, sauces and ferments.