A deep umami blend of mushrooms, seaweed, leek + tomato to enrich the depth of of any broth, stock or marinade.


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Umami is the Japanese concept of a “pleasant savory taste” which spreads across the mouth, enveloping the whole of the palate. Umami is a subtle sensory experience, which harmonizes the four basic tastes, and complements the unique deliciousness of all flavors. The traditional Japanese Dashi broth is made with dried seaweeds, mushrooms and bonito. Here, we replace the bonito with smoked japanese mushrooms medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs for this a high-vibe, Umami-rich, plant-based blend. This blend is highly concentrated flavor and creates an amazing base of finish to any broths, stocks, soups and sauces of any kind.

*CONTAINS SOY, People with a soy allergy should not consume


  • Organic Shitake
  • Organic Dried Onion
  • Organic Tamari
  • Organic Tomato Powder
  • Organic Leek
  • Organic Yeast
  • Kombu Seaweed
  • Organic Reishi
  • Organic Paprika
  • Organic Cordyceps
  • Organic Star Anise
  • Organic Ginger